Kali-Ki Reiki® is a new form of ancient healing that taps directly into universal divine love.

In a healing session with Joni all tension melts away and balance and health are naturally restored to body, mind and spirit.

Joni also teaches Reiki classes from Level 1 through Master so that you can heal yourself and heal others, as you are guided on your spiritual path.


Meditation is the crown jewel of spiritual practice, the gateway to the universe of peace within. Learn to meditate with ease through Joni’s classes, private mentoring, or as part of your Reiki and yoga studies.

Meditation is the cornerstone of Kali-Ki Reiki®. It is the anchor we all need in the restless seas of activity and busy mind.

Joni has been practicing and teaching meditation and yoga for decades.


As a psychotherapist for over 30 years, Joni Dittrich, Ph.D. brings spiritual and psychological wisdom to your exploration of blockages, traumas, and relationships.

Through insight and intentionality, old patterns of thought and behavior can be recognized and released. Depression and anxiety are eased.

Life takes on new meaning.


Create your own ceremony with Joni’s loving, sensitive and creative spiritual guidance.

Weddings, funerals, anniversaries, graduations.

As a minister of the Universal Life Church, Joni can officiate and infuse any event with meaningful ceremonial ritual. Its imprint will be etched indelibly into the hearts of all who participate.


Inspiring Messages from Kali-Ki Clients and Students

“My session with Joni was the most amazing session that I've ever had...ever. I accessed profound messages and truths that were accompanied by deep sobbing of gratitude, wonder, and joy. I cannot thank you enough, dear Joni." Anne U. Ph.D

“Joni is a channel of sumptuous Mother Love that keeps everything safe, sound and in order. Wouldn’t want any other Reiki after the work we have been doing together. Joni is the real deal!” Piki H.

"Joni walked the path with me, believing in me as I grew in baby steps. Because of her loving support and guidance she has transformed my life. I will forever by grateful."
Cynthia N.

“Kali-Ki Reiki training has changed my life. I now have the tools to work for the greater good of all beings. What is truly amazing is that Reiki really works.” Margaret K.

"Words can't express my gratitude, my love, my feeling of wholeness being part of the Kali-Ki master program. The journey within and without has been priceless." Michelle O.

"I amazed by this new world of Kali-Ki Reiki. Joni's teachings allowed me to discover the power of healing through my hands." Brandee S. Quebec

We've got a lot of good karma to share

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