The cries of the suffering world

Can you hear her crying? See her bleeding? Feel her burning? I for one can no longer ignore the cries of the suffering world.

My heart breaks as I watch earth burn and fresh water dry up even as some areas flood; people losing their homes and livelihoods; farmlands and oceans being destroyed; and nations being de-constructed and re-constructed motivated solely by greed and hatred for the inferior “other.”

My heart is shredded when I contemplate the anger, hatred and frustration that caused a young man to seek notoriety and a perverted sense of satisfaction through shooting and killing members of his own rural Oregon community.

Time to Heed the Call

The earth indeed is crying loudly and bitterly.  It is time to heed the call.  It is too easy to sink into a sense of helpless, of not knowing what one person can do to change all this, when those we rely on to govern also don’t know what to do, and cannot even agree on a common understanding of the problems.

As healers and light-workers, will we surrender to complacency and denial or can we recognize that we are called to sacred action?

The Goddess Durga, the Bodhisattva Kwan Yin, and Jesus

In the Hindu Tradition the Goddess Durga leads the charge in the sacred battle.  She fights for the creation and the maintenance of life.  Whenever a demon arises out of the darkness and she is summoned, Durga is there to save her creation.

In the Buddhist tradition, the Bodhisattva Kwan Yin is “She Who Hears the Cries of World.”  When Kwan Yin is invoked, she offers compassion to any suffering life form.

In the Christian tradition, Jesus loves and heals the marginalized.  Even as he calls to overturn the oppressors, he also offers them forgiveness.

As Reiki healers and life-lovers how can we embody the force of these great faces of the Divine and help that which is so out of alignment come into balance and harmony?

Here are some suggestions.

When you practice Reiki, when you pray, when you meditate, hold in your mind and heart the marginalized of the world:

  • alienated, lonely young men who long for attention and affection;
  • citizens who flee their homeland for fear of torture and find little welcome elsewhere;
  • families in Southern California who can no longer drink or bathe with tap water because arsenic is leaching out of the low water tables.

Offer your prayers to the Earth who groans under the abuse of and by us, her children.  Healing prayers for the waters, the forests, and the animals who inhabit them.

Look at the faces

As you walk around, look at the faces of the people you see.  Softly gaze into sad eyes, hopeless eyes, lonely eyes, defiant eyes.  Notice helplessness in slouched shoulders, listless hands.  See fear and anger in tightly held bodies and hear the strain for some sort of control in the pitch of voice.

Where you see sadness, anger, illness, or any kind of darkness, invoke Reiki, send light.  Do not turn away from the darkness, but send light.

Make a connection

And don’t turn away from the person.  Make connection in any way you can: say hello, smile, kindly offer a few words if words are called for.  Do not intrude but also do not ignore.

Sometimes it is easier to offer a few dollars to the homeless than it is to speak to the hopeless.  It’s not the conversation but the offering of recognition and greeting through voice and eyes.

Later during your practices, remember the faces and the body gestures and send Reiki love to those people.  Send healing not only to those you know and love, but to those who are unknown and unloved and yet have now been seen by you.

Reiki light to hatred

Most particularly, send Reiki light to hatred as if you were sending it to a specific entity.  Be like Durga, sending healing to dissolve the demon of hatred.  How does hatred form in a heart that was made for love?

Through mistrust, abuse, fear, betrayal, greed, narcissism and the false belief that “I” am somehow other than that which I hate.

Send light to hatred and the darkness will begin to melt away.  Slowly at first perhaps, but the more collective light we send the greater the healing effect.

The dark corners within yourself

Fearlessly send Reiki light to the dark corners within yourself, acknowledging that we each have our dark places.

None of us is “above” any one else.

And implore Durga, Kwan Yin, Jesus, all forms of the Sacred, to heal you, to heal the marginalized, to heal the demon hatred.

Make this a practice

Let us all make this a practice, to recognize the alienated, the silent suffering as well as the cries of rage.  Ask for the grace of the divine to surround the suffering and offer healing light.  Become Kwan Yin as you look into the eyes and see the suffering.

Let the compassion that emanates from the Reiki within you begin to melt away the terror, the alienation, and the hatred.  Let the light within you shine on the world.  Let it permeate the darkness.

The Prayer of St. Francis is sounding in my mind as I write this. Particularly the verse that asks where there is hatred let me sow love.  These are the stitches that may restore the torn seams of our lives.


Om Mother, grant that I may be an instrument of Your peace:
where there is hatred let me sow love,
where there is hurt, forgiveness,
where there is doubt, faith, where there is despair, hope, where there is darkness, light,
and where there is sadness, joy.

Grant, Om Ma, that I may not so much seek 
to be consoled as to console,
to be understood as to understand,
to be loved as to love.
For it is in giving that we receive,
it is in forgiving that we are forgiven,
and it is in dying to self that we are everborn
to realization of eternal life.