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A Call To Sacred Action

By Joni Dittrich | Oct 25, 2015 | 0 Comments

The cries of the suffering world

Can you hear her crying? See her bleeding? Feel her burning? I for one can no longer ignore the cries of the suffering world.

My heart breaks as I watch earth burn and fresh water dry up even as some areas flood; people losing their homes and livelihoods; farmlands and oceans being destroyed; and nations being de-constructed and re-constructed motivated solely by greed and hatred for the inferior “other.”

My heart is shredded when I contemplate the anger, hatred and frustration that caused a young man to seek notoriety and a perverted sense of satisfaction through shooting and killing members of his own rural Oregon community.

Time to Heed the Call

The earth indeed is crying loudly and bitterly.  It is time to heed the call.  It is too easy to sink into a sense of helpless, of not knowing what one person can do to change all this, when those we rely on to govern also don’t know what to do, and cannot even agree on a common understanding of the problems. (more…)

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