Kali-Ki Reiki and Wisdom School Calendar

Reiki and Meditation Classes:

MEDITATION DAY: Sun December 10, 2017.  $40

REIKI 1 & 2 :  Sat Jan 13 & Sun Jan 14, 2-18  $325

Weekly classes:

PRACTICE GROUP (meditation and Reiki) every Thursday from 9:00 to 10:15 a.m. Donation requested.

DEEP STRETCH and MEDITATE: every Tuesday from 7:15- 8:15 p.m. at Yoga Passion studio.  Drop-ins welcome.  $9/class.  Pay at Yoga Passion.



with Kalisara (Joni Dittrich)

Sunday, December 10 ~ 10a.m.-4:30p.m. ~ $40

Meditation is a simple practice, but incorporating it into our busy lives is a challenge. If you are ready to learn to meditate, or to deepen your practice, here is the opportunity. Luxuriate in an entire "unplugged" day to understand what a meditation practice truly is, to ask questions and get tips on how to build meditation into your life. The day will be sprinkled with guided and silent meditation, yoga stretches, teachings, and sharing in a serene and sacred setting. Bring a bag lunch and be prepared to find peace.

To Register, contact joni@kali-kiwisdomschool.com
Please register in advance. Class limited to 15.
(Location given at time of registration.)

"Our Meditation Day was a gift . . . treasures await you."

Marianne L.

KALI-KI REIKI LEVEL 3  2018 Training (TBA)

Make the Commitment!

This next level is a quantum leap in working with Reiki Life-Force Energy. You will learn new symbols that vibrate at a frequency intended to cut through dense energies and accelerate healing and wisdom. Your intuition will raise and you will connect with deep inner guidance.

"Beyond Anything I ever experienced: the Real Deal!"

Piki H.

Take the leap into a whole new consciousness

TBA (likely to begin June 2018) ~ $200/month

The Master Path Apprenticeship is a year long commitment to self-discovery, healing, and stepping into becoming a Reiki Master. You receive monthly mentoring from Kalisara (Joni), as well as group sessions tailored for all that you need to be a master Reiki practitioner and meditator.

"Through Reiki and the Kali-Ki Master Path with Joni I have found what I have searched for my entire life, Unconditional Love and Acceptance."

Shelly M.