Turning In My Busyness Badge

Proud to wear my busyness badge.  Just like I imagine you to be, I am a very busy person.  A friend once said to me, “Joni, you are the busiest person I know.”  She said this admiringly, and at the time I took it as a deep compliment. Like a good scout I was proud…

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Karma and the Shadow of the Hat

“A man cannot jump over the shadow of his own hat.” A Koan This rather puzzling statement posed by the 11th century master of Kashmir Shaivism, Abinavagupta, is like a koan to me, something I have mused over for quite a while. Of course we can jump over the shadow of our hat. As long…

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A Call To Sacred Action

The cries of the suffering world Can you hear her crying? See her bleeding? Feel her burning? I for one can no longer ignore the cries of the suffering world. My heart breaks as I watch earth burn and fresh water dry up even as some areas flood; people losing their homes and livelihoods; farmlands…

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