Why Do We Need Ceremonies?

Creating rituals for life’s passages is a way of honoring ourselves and one another. Ceremony brings what is most sacred to us in the company of those we love and who love us.

Ceremony can mark the transitions: birthing and birthdays, weddings and anniversaries, death and divorce, and many significant events in between.

Ceremony makes us more conscious of openings and closings in life, bringing us joy, acceptance, wisdom and comfort.

Talk with Joni about ceremonies

As a Reiki Master and minister of the Universal Life Church, Joni has created creating joyous and sacred ritual through light and love for many years.

As an inter-spiritual officiant who honors all traditions, Joni will work with you lovingly and sensitively to create events that will reverberate with meaning through lifetimes.


Officiant at Your Wedding

Whether you write your own vows or select from religious, contemporary or shamanic services, Joni can help you make your service a joyously expression of who you are as individuals and as a couple.

Using the language of love, celebration and sacredness that best suits you and your beloved your vows become even more meaningful.

Joni is available for pre-marital counseling.

She can also assist you in thoughtfully integrating the participation of family and friends in your celebration.

Located in the beautiful Napa Valley Wine Country, Joni can be your celebrant for the perfect destination wedding.

Officiant at a Funeral

Joni works closely with those with terminal illness, sometimes as a “spiritual midwife” or a guide for the dying person and their family when transition is inevitable.

As a Reiki Master and therapist, she draws upon Christian, Buddhist and Hindu sacred texts as a basis of her ceremony.

Upon the passage from physical embodiment to life in the spirit, Joni is available to officiate funeral and memorial services, helping people to remember the best of the beloved and to understand the meaning of this passage through the layers of being and consciousness.

Joni can provide support and counseling for family and friends at any point along this path.


Your Own Special Blessing Ceremony

Whatever the occasion, celebrate and bless it with love.

Joni can call in the Reiki energy of light and love and invite the divine feminine, angelic guides, the four directions and Christ Consciousness to bless your ceremony.

She may use crystal and singing bowls as well as oils, energetic chakra clearing, sacred chanting, and even dance to make your ceremony more sacred and joyous.

Traditionally or shamanically inspired, Joni works collaboratively with you to create your celebration of your soul.

They Love her Presence:

"Joni’s Blessing Ceremony on the opening of our new restaurant created sacredness in the space and allowed us to kick off our business in the most meaningful way.  The blessing ceremony generated a sense of purposeful community for our whole team.  And our business is flourishing!"

— Valentina & Dario

"Joni was the perfect officiant for our wedding.  She helped guide us to a ceremony that represented our family traditions and our love for one another.  Her warm, compassionate, light and loving nature set the tone for our whole day and thanks to her, we’ll look back on the ceremony as a truly meaningful and special event."

— Kevin & Emily

"Joni (Kalisara) was with us by our daughter’s side until she passed.  She was the element of peace we needed to get through the transition of her passing.  Her gentle words at the funeral and ritual with the four directions at the gravesite created sacred space and gave comfort to us and all who attended.  I was left knowing our daughter was in the arms of the angels.  There was grace and no fear."

— Debbie H.

"Joni you gave healing beyond measure to all of us, both during her transition and at the funeral.  It was a peaceful loving end to a woman that was loved and it was good that you incorporated the spiritual elements into the traditional service.  I am forever grateful."

— Dave S.