Your Need for the Right Guide

Sometimes, even if we have spiritual practices, we just cannot figure things out on our own.   Working through personal trauma and loss, complicated relationships and life transitions, illness and death, anxiety and depression often requires an experienced, well-trained sensitive and compassionate guide. 

Joni Dittrich, Ph.D. offers traditional psychotherapeutic counseling as well the DROPPP method she has developed to release trauma and persistent behavioral patterns which no longer serve.

Joni is also a Spiritual Mentor who can guide you in your spiritual practice and self-inquiry as you find your path to deep knowing and connection to Source.



When You Want an Experienced Therapist

Joni works with individuals and couples to help untangle life’s dilemmas, freeing clients from behaviors, interactive patterns and addictive processes that block healthy living and satisfying relationships. 

Joni has over 30 years of practice as a licensed clinical psychologist treating people with confidentiality and respect.

She listens closely and offers tools such as guided meditation and communication skills that allow clients to find their own inner strengths and fullest self-expression.  

Joni also recognizes psychological self-awareness as integral to a mature spiritual path.

Spiritual Mentoring

Help on the Spiritual Path

Sometimes there is recognition that life’s obstacles can be gateways to an emerging sense of spiritual awakening.  One may come to these thresholds through trauma, loss, illness or through a sudden awakening of “kundalini” or spiritual energy. 

Joni brings a mystical and “interspiritual” perspective to your path-finding, honoring all wisdom traditions and faiths.  She can guide you more deeply into your own tradition or dance with you in the interplay of practices. 

A provider member of the Spiritual Emergence Network (SEN) Joni has been studying the practices of world spiritual traditions for over 40 years.

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The DROPPP Method

(Deep Release of Persistent Pain Patterns)

A Process to Release the Persistent Pain from Early Trauma

DROPPP, a  powerful and effective method, helps relieve defensive behavioral and karmic patterns that may have been a result of childhood and other traumas. 

Within an energetic cocoon of safety, the client identifies where physical and emotional pain is being held in the body.  Joni guides the client in a self-dialogue that allows persistent patterns to be gently released.

DROPPP is based on Joni’s years of experience with psychological treatments for trauma, the Focusing Technique of Eugene Gendlin, the Emotional Body Healing method of Susanna Luebcke, MD, as well as Reiki healing and yoga.

Read how this non-invasive method of trauma release has provided dramatic and empowering results.

Praise for the DROPPP Method:

"Thank you for the gift of your class and of working with me. The combination of DROPPP and Reiki took me through one of the most profound healing experiences I have ever encountered."

— Doug Brozell,

"I have to say that the DROPPP method was beyond my experience of healing. I am in awe of the ability to go quickly into the layers of my soul, feeling like I changed on a cellular level. I would recommend this type of session in a heartbeat."

— Debbie Healy,
Reiki Master

"My DROPPP session was the most amazing session that I’ve ever had. . . ever. And I’ve had many therapy and healing sessions as part of my training in psychology, healing and life coaching. In the safe and sacred context created by Joni, through the DROPPP dialogue, I accessed messages and truths that were profound and helpful especially at this time of my life."

— Anne Uemura,