If you are searching for your connection to the universe and the divine; if you want to know and express yourself fully; and if you want to experience the empowerment and freedom of living from a place of love, forgiveness and personal strength, then you need an experienced, sensitive and compassionate guide.

Joni’s presence provides a safe container for your self-exploration and spiritual realization. As a Listening Guide and a Spiritual Mentor Joni can guide you in your self-inquiry and spiritual practice as you find your path to deep knowing and connection to Source.


Listening Guide

Sometimes we need someone with deep healing presence who can listen, understand and energetically hold us on our life journey. Life’s obstacles can be thresholds to an emerging sense of spiritual awakening. Trauma, loss, illness, death can awaken your kundalini or spiritual energy, but the experience can be confusing. When you need to talk it out to figure it out, Joni is there for you as one who has walked the path and who can inspire and help you to find your way through the darkness back into the light. Listening Guidance often complements Reiki healing and can help align body, mind and heart.

Spiritual Mentoring

If you are looking to deepen your own spiritual practices, to learn new practices, or simply need a sounding board or someone to keep you on track in your spiritual devotion, Joni is there to mentor you. She honors and is familiar with most world wisdom traditions and can help you to strengthen your own and also introduce you to new practices that together you and she feel might help you on your spiritual path. She can help you with a meditation or healing practice that is suited to your needs and character. Joni helps you to clear energetic and circumstantial obstacles to regular practice through unique suggestions and her joyous inspiration.

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The DROPPP Method

(Deep Release of Persistent Pain Patterns)

A Process to Release the Persistent Pain from Early Trauma

DROPPP, a  powerful and effective method, helps relieve defensive behavioral and karmic patterns that may have been a result of childhood and other traumas.

Within an energetic cocoon of safety, the client identifies where physical and emotional pain is being held in the body.  Joni guides the client in a self-dialogue that allows persistent patterns to be gently released.

DROPPP is based on Joni’s years of experience with psychological treatments for trauma, the Focusing Technique of Eugene Gendlin, the Emotional Body Healing method of Susanna Luebcke, MD, as well as Reiki healing and yoga.

Read how this non-invasive method of trauma release has provided dramatic and empowering results.

Praise for the DROPPP Method:

“Thank you for the gift of your class and of working with me. The combination of DROPPP and Reiki took me through one of the most profound healing experiences I have ever encountered.”

— Doug Brozell,M.D.

“I have to say that the DROPPP method was beyond my experience of healing. I am in awe of the ability to go quickly into the layers of my soul, feeling like I changed on a cellular level. I would recommend this type of session in a heartbeat.”

— Debbie Healy,Reiki Master

“My DROPPP session was the most amazing session that I’ve ever had. . . ever. And I’ve had many therapy and healing sessions as part of my training in psychology, healing and life coaching. In the safe and sacred context created by Joni, through the DROPPP dialogue, I accessed messages and truths that were profound and helpful especially at this time of my life.”

— Anne Uemura,PhD.