The Magic of Reiki
with Kalisara (Joni Dittrich, Ph.D.)


“At the very beginning, Consciousness transforms into life-force-breath.” Prak Prane Samvit Parinata.

In this verse from the ancient yoga text Tattvartha-Chintamani, Shri Kallata reveals the mystery of Reiki life-force energy. Reiki is the sacred energy of divine source. Its energy is the pulsation of absolute consciousness that becomes the very breath that breathes life into all that is. It is the energy known as Kundalini Shakti, Holy Spirit, Wind Horse, Shekinah, Great Spirit, MahaKali. Reiki energy is seen as the shimmering Light of Consciousness and it is felt as love. When we heal with Reiki we tap directly into that energy which is the breath and the light of being. Thus, when we practice Reiki in order to heal ourselves or others, love fills the emptiness and mends the tears of our broken bodies and hearts. It is the greatest power of all.

In yoga, Samadhi or Samavesha, meaning meditative absorption, is the pinnacle of deep meditation. It is a blissful state beyond conceptualization and individual identity. It is not unusual for a person receiving Reiki to experience samadhi during a treatment, temporarily losing conscious awareness of place and time and yet remaining somehow alert and awake. Occasionally the Reiki practitioner can enter the blissful state of samavesha while still giving Reiki. This is a kind of open-eyed samadhi. This is perhaps
the greatest gift of Reiki.

Kali-Ki Reiki® is sacred yoga because as we practice we begin to realize that we are the energy that flows through us as we offer and receive healing. Being made from the divine absolute consciousness, we realize that is or own true nature. We also recognize the ultimate unity within the diversity of life and we connect to the source of all, which is divine love. The realizations and changes in consciousness that arise as we practice KaliKi Reiki® and meditation are the true healing.

Kali-Ki Reiki® is a path for healing into the fullest expression of one’s being, on all levels of life; emotional, physical and spiritual. As receivers and practitioners , we come to understand Reiki both as the sacred energy that it is and we all are and as a practice that can release, purify, and heal. Combined with deep meditation practice, Reiki can also be a path to awakening consciousness. The path is open to you now. Please step in. Breathe.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from Magic.” Arthur C. Clarke