The single most effective antidote to stress, Meditation also makes people happier and more compassionate. It is the cornerstone of spiritual practice and of becoming a Reiki healer.

Although the techniques are simple the regular practice of meditation can be elusive. Finding a teacher and community to practice and grow with helps!

Joni and the Kali-Ki Wisdom School Community may be just what you have been looking for.



A number of guided meditations and a video class led by Joni are available in the Resources page for you to download and listen to at your convenience. Explore your Light Body, The Hamsa Breath, and Journey Through Nature and the Chakras.

Learn to Meditate with Joni

Joni is available to mentor you or a group of people you know and love on how to meditate.

Joni works with you to learn to meditate in the way that fits your lifestyle.

You will learn the basics of posture, breath, and types of mediation, as well as how to work with the mind and body to relieve stress and be happier.

You will also learn strategies for not letting your practice lapse.
Create your own community of meditators or join in with Kali-Ki!


SATSANG means spiritual practice in community.  Join Joni and the Kali-Ki Community to shine the inner light out into the world through chants and meditation.

Joni also leads guided contemplations on navigating the important issues in our world and in our lives and practices.  In the comfort of her temple-like living room, your intentions and practices will be enlivened, transformed, and re-balanced.  In community we find the healing power of sharing and service.

Beginners and long-time practitioners all can find a home here. Teacher donations (dana) accepted.

Kali-Ki Meditation Days

Come as a beginner or experienced meditator to practice in the welcoming and sacred space of community. Joni guides these days with skill and sensitivity to each participant.

Alternating guided and silent meditations with time for discussion, teachings, and yogic stretching, you will immerse yourself in the consciousness of the Great Heart of All.

Your practice will reveal the peace and joy within and your commitment to meditation will grow. A whole day goes by in an instant!

Usually scheduled quarterly, check the calendar for upcoming dates.


This group of serious practitioners meets every Thursday morning in Joni’s home to practice meditation and Reiki healing together. Offering brief teachings, Joni guides the group through chanting and breath work into deep silent mantra meditation.

Then the group practices hands-on Reiki with one another and sends Reiki healing to those at distance in need of support and healing.

This group is the core of the Kali-Ki Reiki and Wisdom School Kula(community) and anyone committed to becoming a meditator and healer is welcome.

Joni’s Students Love the Practice:

“A wonderful day of intention-setting, chanting, and sharing insights in the beautiful Kai-Ki Center. I gained tools to start my own meditation practice. A valuable community experience I will join again!”

— Anna H.

“Warmth, graciousness, high spiritual fine resonance. These are the qualities of being in Joni’s temple home, in community and connecting with the Divine. She is a wise and compassionate being.”

— Marina A.

“Joni’s Deep Stretch and Meditate Class was like finding a long lost friend. She embodies mindfulness, wisdom and serenity and with each class I learn depth through singing mantras and guidance through poses that release the stress of the day. I am invigorated yet calm.”

— Colleen R.

“After taking Meditation with Joni I started a home practice that has created more peach in my life than I could ever have imagined. I had been plagued by insomnia my entire life, but with meditation, I sleep like a child.”

— Alex V.

“Joni creates the perfect balance between yoga stretches and meditation. There is variety in every session which completely rebalances me physically and sharpens the focus in my life.”

— Linda Y.