Reiki Healing & Classes

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Classes and Healing Sessions with Joni and Kali-Ki Reiki Masters are available.

Reiki is a method of hands-on and distant healing that taps into Universal Life Force energy, providing deep relaxation and restoring the optimal balance of one’s physical-emotional-mental-spiritual being. Thus, Reiki promotes the body’s natural healing abilities.

Kali-Ki Reiki augments reiki sessions with the gentle power of the unique Kali-Ki Reiki symbols and the immersive training of the practitioner.

Kali-Ki Reiki sessions are often given on a massage table with the recipient fully clothed. However, Reiki can be just as effectively offered to a person while seated and even at a distance, via phone or video chat.

A session from a trained Kali-Ki Reiki practitioner can feel like a “massage of the soul” that soothes and heals all aspects of being.


“Everyone Should Learn Reiki”: Dr. Mehmet Oz


ALL LEVELS: Joni and Kali-Ki Wisdom School offers all levels of Reiki classes from beginner to mastery and beyond. All classes incorporate traditional Usui Reiki and introduce the new Kali-Ki Reiki symbols.  These symbols tune you into to subtle vibrations and realms that are taught only in Kali-Ki Reiki.

LEVELS 1 & 2:  You will learn the basics about energy healing in person and at distance. You receive attunements (initiations) to sacred healing symbols and how to use them to heal physical, emotional, and spiritual wounding. You will be able to do self-healing and practice on Friends, Family, and Pets.

LEVEL 3: This is a quantum leap in your understanding and experience of the Life Force Energy or Shakti power.  You are given more symbols tools to refine and advance your ability to heal specific issues, including long-held traumas, develop your intuition, your connection with guides and angels and awaken your consciousness.

MASTER PATH:  This intensive year long apprenticeship program allows you to fully integrate Reiki and meditation into your life and to know more fully who you really are.  More refined and subtle symbols are taught and your awakening continues as you become a confident practitioner of Kali-Ki Reiki. This is the Path for any seeker who is looking for practical applications of mystical understandings.

SACRED FLAME REIKI:  This is the culmination of the Kali-Ki Path in which the Christ Consciousness within is awakened through the Divine Feminine. Sacred Flame Reiki is pure unconditioned love applied to heal any brokenness and bring you into the fullness of the Great Heart.

Private Reiki Sessions with Joni:

Experience the deepest possible sense of relaxation and restoration in a Reiki session with Joni. Joni will speak with you lovingly and confidentially about any issues for which you may need healing, clarity, or release.

You will relax fully clothed on a massage table and Joni will gently and intuitively place her ‘ hands of light’ on your body such that all your systems come into alignment and activate the natural healing process within you.

She will work with you on all levels of your being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

When the healing is complete, you will have some time to talk about the session and Joni will make further recommendations for you.

Distant Reiki sessions with Joni:

Reiki understands: “No Time, No Space.”
Everything that is experienced during an in-person Reiki session with Joni can also be experienced when she treats you at distance! Sometimes distant sessions are even more powerful than in-person.

At a scheduled time, you will be in a comfortable quiet place (such as your own bed) and Joni will call you either via video chat or cell phone to speak about your intention for the healing. Then, you will simply relax into your breath while Joni sends you healing via the very powerful Kali-Ki symbols.

When she is complete, she will phone you back to debrief and make recommendations. The cost is the same as for in-person sessions.

1 hour sessions are $125 with 10% discount for a three session package.

Reiki Really Works:

“All the pain left my body and it felt great. I was really able to “let go” which has been my mantra. It was do deep and physically pleasurable’ in a much more effective way than manipulating the body through massage or other body work. Really great and just what I asked for.”

— Lisa KoesterReiki Master

“When Joni offered me distance healing for some challenging, painful events in my life, I felt the same deep relaxation, pulsing energy in my body, and release that I remember from hands on healings that I’ve received. It was striking to talk after the healing and discover how tuned in Joni was to my energy. From that place, she was able to make additional recommendations that I was able to incorporate, and continue to benefit from months later. I highly recommend a hands on healing or a distance healing from Joni.”